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Rory Lavelle

Rory Lavelle is a Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-
instrumentalist born in Dublin, Ireland and raised in Southern Ontario. His lyrical songs have evoked comparisons to classic 70s troubadours such as Paul Simon and Leonard Cohen , while his politically-charged lyrics place him in the tradition of pop radicals like John Lennon. His songwriting encompasses a wide range, from songs about love and heartbreak, to songs addressing the current complex state of the world today.

His debut EP ‘Just Watch TV and Worry’ was released in 2016, on the eve of Trump’s election. 2017 saw the release of the ‘Cassini’ EP, a space-themed psychedelic song cycle about our precarious planetary situation.

His third album, the 12-song LP ‘Cul-De-Sac’, was recorded at
Berlin’s renowned Funkhaus studios and released in 2020. “My motto for this record was taped to the wall while I was writing the songs,” he says. “It’s a fragment of a poem I wrote, and it came to seem like a mission statement: ‘Articulating, in a single breath, / the hopelessness of our predicament / and the certainty of our escape.’”

Having played widely across Europe in recent years, and
coming off a string of recent solo shows in Canada and the U.S., Rory has been gathering a group of songs written during the pandemic for his next LP, the 11-song ‘Persons Without Bodies’.


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