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Quique Escamilla

JUNO Award-winning, Quique Escamilla, is a Mayan-Zapotec mestizo, and a singer-songwriter born/raised in the tropical Mayan land of Chiapas, Mexico. Today he is an international touring artist and producer based in Toronto, Canada.

Quique breaks down language barriers through his voice and passionate delivery while fusing traditional Mexican and Latin American rhythms, such as ranchera, huapango, cumbia, and mixed with contemporary elements of folk, rock, reggae and blues. His latest album, Encomienda, represents his unique blend of Pan-American sounds and rhythms, which Escamilla crafted to also talk about and denounce the historical chapter of colonization that gave origin to many of the social and political disparities that continue to plague the Americas today.

Today, Quique’s live performances or recorded music, continue to celebrate our world's diversity of culture, race and language, with songs designed to elevate Indigenous Peoples' voices, their untold stories, and to help decimate the impacts of colonization, racism and xenophobia across the Americas.

"Every performance is an opportunity to stimulate the human conscience and intellect, and with potential to help effect positive change in our world"—Quique.



“Quique represents a modern version of a Pan-American Troubadour fusing traditional Mexican styles such ranchera and huapango with rock, reggae, done in an unassuming way, built upon solid musicianship…A very promising debut recording!”

–Marc Fournier, SONGLINES Magazine, UK.


“Modern day troubadour Quique Escamilla makes music that comes straight from the soul. The stories he tells are the stories we need to hear; socially and politically conscious lyrics paired with exceptional musicianship. He’s a unique talent who holds to the traditions of heavyweights like Bob Marley and Manu Chao. Quique is really one to watch!”

–Garvia Bailey, Jazz FM Radio, Toronto.


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